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Weatherbys Shop Voucher

Price: £5.00


The ideal present for your loved one. Each voucher may be exchanged for any book, DVD or diary sold or published by Weatherbys. Please note the following: This voucher may be used by way of payment for any book, DVD or on-line service sold or published by Weatherbys via Weatherbys Shop. It is not valid for any other Weatherbys service or product. 2. This voucher will be accepted as payment for goods of the same value as its face value, or in part payment for goods of a higher value than its face value upon payment of the difference. 3. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash in full or in part, nor can any cash change be given if it is exchanged for goods of less than the face value of the voucher. 4. The voucher is not valid unless presented whole. 5. Mutilated, damaged, altered or defaced vouchers will not be accepted. 6. Only original vouchers produced, recorded and issued by Weatherbys Limited will be accepted. 7. Vouchers that appear to be counterfeit, copied or reproduced will not be accepted. Weatherbys reserve the right to reject such vouchers at any time. 8.Vouchers must be redeemed within 12months from date of issue. 9. By purchasing and/or redeeming this voucher you are accepting the above terms and conditions