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Little Book of Badminton

By Julian Seaman
Hardback , 144 pages
Published: 09/01/2014
Publisher: G2 Entertainment Ltd
Price: £11.99


Right from the outset when the inaugural event in 1949 was promoted as the greatest horse event in Great Britain, 'Badminton Horse Trials' was set to succeed. And from those uncertain beginnings it can now reasonably claim to be the world's greatest horse event. 

From the history of Badminton House, through the early days of the three-day event, right up to the spectacular event of present day, the Little Book of Badminton gives an insight into the wonderful world that is Badminton Horse Trials.

Written by Julian Seaman, a former competitor at the event and press officer since 2002, the book is packed full of information and anecdotes that you can dip in and enjoy. Beautifully illustrated, the text is brought to life with photographs by top equestrian photographer, Kit Houghton.