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Turn Me On Guv

By Marcus Armytage
Hardback , 256 pages
Published: 25/09/2009
Publisher: Racing Post
Price: £16.99


'Tails' From the Racecourse:

Horseracing, it is often said, is inaccessible to outsiders because it has become much more than which horse is the fastest from A to B. Over the centuries it has developed into a huge industry with language of its own and a complicated set of rules, both social and regulatory, which can often seem incomprehensible to anyone who is not an insider or a regular. To enjoy this collection of hilarious anecdotes, which Marcus Armytage has been producing on a weekly basis in his racing diary for the Daily Telegraph since 1993, it is unnecessary to have even an elementary understanding of the sport. Racing is merely an incidental backdrop, like wallpaper in the downstairs loo - which is precisely where this book should have a permanent place in your home.

'In Turn Me On Guv' these stories frequently involve the gallows humour and hideous misfortune that daily visits those who work in the racing. It will take you closer to the sport s main players and their enduring sense of humour and fun than any biography. Complementing Armytage's anecdotes are the drawings of Mark Huskinson, whose ink and wash cartoons have been entertaining collectors since the late 1970s.