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A Guide to Herbs for Horses

By Keith Allison & Christopher Day
Paperback , 48 pages
Published: 16/09/2009
Publisher: J. A. Allen
Price: £4.95


The use of herbs and other plant material in the horse's diet has grown in popularity, largely because of perceived inadequacies in modern compound-feeds, pastures and forage, but many horse feeds and feed additives containing herbs carry no statement of their exact content or formulations. Also, they are often put together by people with either no proper training or inappropriate qualifications, using information gleaned from human herbals. Aimed at horse-owners and those who keep and care for horses in every sphere of equestrian activity, this book provides information on the traditional use of a wide spectrum of herbs and other plant material. This material ranges from plants which may be oversown into pastures, to others which may be used regularly as feed supplements or used as medicines in skilled hands.

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